Are you:

  • Interested in helping people in your organisation find each other, learn from each other and to use these connections to improve your efficiency and increase your ability to innovate?
  • Keen to get going and implement social business tools in your organisation?
  • Wanting to market your business more effectively through online conversations with customers?

I can help you in the following ways:

  • Help you decide whether the social web makes sense for you and your organisation.
  • Influence your senior execs and other managers to give you the space to have a go.
  • Get people enthusiastic and behind your plans.
  • Help you deal with challenges when they arise and to learn from them for the future.
  • Inspire you and keep your energy up!

About me

I am a public speaker, writer and consultant and feel lucky to have become passionate so early about something that is changing the world so fundamentally. Twelve years ago, while working in a senior position at the BBC, I was one of the first to introduce what have since become known as social media tools into a large, successful organisation. I have subsequently had seven years of unique experience working with organisations such as BP, The World Bank and NATO to help them try to do the same.