From the book's Amazon page:

Everyone knows that the impact of the web in the workplace is increasing. maybe you "get it" already, maybe you are still working it out. The truly wonderful thing about the social web, social business, Enterprise 2.0, or whatever you want to call it, is that it makes two important things better at once: it improves business outcomes, and it improves the working lives of everyone in business. How? It gives everyone a voice, and a  chance to manifest what Nelson Mandela calls your ′spark of genius′.

This collection of ideas is designed to make the web more understandable and useful in the world of work. You can read it start to finish, or you can read the chapters individually. Browse the index and dip into topics that catch your eye. Each chapter is just the right length for a visit to the restroom...perfect for conveying the essence of an aspect of the web at work. Designed to whet your appetite to get involved, or to help you understand what other people are going on about.

Those who are successful at deploying social tools in business tend to be good at enticing people into using them too. This book does the same. It is like a commonplace book of ideas, trinkets, or nuggets to draw you in. Ideas to make you feel more capable. It will help you understand the potential of the web at work. gain traction, and engage others in the changes you are trying to bring about.

A human approach to the social web.
Euan Semple oozes common sense on the social web as he explores the human dimension of this new technological environment.
— Tom Beardshaw
Top of the pops!
Short, sweet chapters. Clean, focused advice. To the point, lacking fluff, there’s no way you can miss the key messages here. Brilliant.
— Dr. David James
An excellent introduction to the Social Web
I recommend the book to anyone wanting to take part in social media and to managers who want to know what to do about social media in their department or organisation.
— A. McLachlan