I have consulted for a long list of clients in both the private and public sectors including The World Bank, The European Commission, BP, Nokia, KPMG, and Land Rover. You can see my full list of clients here.

I do a variety of work with clients including the following:

Keynotes and Event Facilitation

In addition to the many keynotes I do around the world I am often asked to do the equivalent of my public keynotes for staff gatherings or away days to get people enthused, aware and fired up to become productive users adopters of new technologies. I also have many years experience of facilitating and chairing events both inside organisations and for the wider public.

Management Briefings

These can be done in groups of two or three and are a way of showing people the ropes of the digital world in a way that they can get involved and ask questions. They afford people an opportunity to gain familiarity with the challenges and opportunities, voice their concerns, and for me to gently start introducing them to technology's power and strategic impact.


These are for groups of up to thirty and can be done on their own or in conjunction with the briefings. I do an overview of where the social web is now, where it is heading, the impact this will have on organisations and the strategic challenges it represents. For many this is the first time they have had the chance to take the social web seriously. Doing so in the company of someone with senior management experience in an organisation as complex as the BBC helps.



One off events and courses can be supplemented by retaining my services as a coach throughout the year. With many clients I work on a retainer to support them as they manage the day to day of getting this stuff to happen and can attend team meetings, provide advocacy and help resolve issues with other parts of their organisations.


I love writing about the social web for business and occasionally get paid for doing so! I take on commissions so don't be afraid to ask.


An incredibly inspiring session that left Andrew and I thanking the gods for listening to you before making any leap. At last we are talking to someone that actually makes real sense. We will definitely be in touch again.
— Kirsty Chisholm | BP International
One of the best minds in the world just to be around.
— Thomas Power | Founder and CEO Ecademy
Euan has not only been there and done it, he has also thought profoundly about it.
— Dave Snowden | Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge
Euan is one of the first, best and brightest minds on board the cluetrain. What’s more, he gives as many clues as he gets. I don’t know anybody with more clarity or foresight about What’s Going On in the networked world.
— Doc Searls | Author The Cluetrain Manifesto