"I don't often get to have conversations like this at work"

It has become clear over the years that even having an occasional conversation can make a difference. After meeting with me people have often said something along the lines of "I don't often get to have conversations like this at work". A couple of times recently our brief conversation has even been described as "life affirming"!
I don't claim to have any formal coaching credentials but I do have many years of experience both as a senior manager at the BBC, and also subsequently working with clients, of helping people think through their problems. These might be to do with technology, but as often as not they are more about organisational and cultural challenges within the workplace.
I have decided to offer hour-long conversations, either face-to-face (if in the London area) or by phone, as a new part of my business. If you feel that an occasional such conversation would help you do please get in touch.