More on the theme...from a

More on the theme...from a non Doc Searls fan!

As I recall, the statement was in an article about blogging, where Searls said that when he blogs he doesn’t write for an audience, and that is what separates his blog from his professional writing. Bullshit, I remember thinking at the time. All writing is done for an audience, even if it’s just for yourself. Any writer should know that, intuitively, otherwise there would be no compulsion to write.

I visted Doc Searls weblog again for the first time in a long time. Not to my taste, really. But judging from what I read today, he has surely revised that stance, because now he is speaking of his weblog as a conversation. Hmm, I think I’ve read that somewhere before.

I suppose what draws me into weblogs more than anything else is personality. If I want reporting, I’ll read a newspaper. If I want links, I’ll visit the appropriate directory or design site to see what’s new. However, the function of weblogs in bringing out what is important that needs to be reported, or what’s interesting that is worth visiting, is directly tied to the personality of the blog in question. That’s what’s really amazing about it. It saves a lot of time in finding what is most significant to you on the web, if you can locate people who share common interests. But more than that, an entirely new form of long distance relationship can be created by this common search for information. You actually start to care about people on the other side of the screen.

Visible Darkness

I'm afraid I disagree - I think Doc very much sees blogging about sharing common interests and some of the best bits in his blog are his own reflections on life the universe and everything!