Anger I am angry too

I am angry too much of the time. I was trying to write something myself then decided to do a search on Google. This was what I found:

I don't understand it when people find it so easy to judge me
Even if they don't know the story, they look and see,
Misjudge me, I burn inside I feel like a massive storm,
Brewing inside of me turning into a form
What is that form crying
About the truth
Not lying
Just makes me want to die
Even though it better to cry
You don't know what to do with all this anger
Maybe get the knife, self-harm,
But inside you know you should stay calm
But it isn't that easy for me
If only someone would understand me
See how hard it is for me
Trying to fight this daily pain
It seems as though I am insane
But I know I'm not
I'm just truthful

Anger by Claire aged 14 - A Poem from the Anger Collection