Out of the mouths of

Out of the mouths of babes - part five
Way before it was light this morning my four year old edged her way into bed and said "Why is it good to tell the truth Daddy?"

As I struggled to get back to sleep my mind, which I have depressingly little control over, shot off of its own accord and started pondering this question.

In the nanoseconds of thought, which I can now slow down and reflect on, I started off remembering my presbyterian mother drumming into me that telling the truth was important. For me truth is still wrapped up with a particular West of Scotland version of being "good". Even in my own self talk there is a pressure to live up to this concept of truth. I have arguments with myself about whether I really am "good" or whether I am just lying to myself that I am and am in reality "bad". I then feel bad for having lied to myself!

My mind then shot off into the next nanosecond and remembered my first realisation (depressingly recently) that truth is almost entirely subjective. Truth depends so much on our way of looking at things. I remember getting into self-help literature about five years ago and realising for the first time that so many of the pressures I experienced were of my own making. They were based on my old concepts of good and bad and these concepts had everything to do with the environment I had grown up in and weren't necessarily my own.

I discussed these ideas at the time with my father who dismissed them with the phrase "Oh that's just another way of looking at things." Yes - isn't everything! Some work and some don't and isn't it better to consciously choose a way that works rather than just accept the way of looking at things apparently shared by those around you?

Post Script
Just as I pressed "Post & Publish" on Blogger my daughter crawled into my arms and and gave me a cuddle. I said "Oooh cuddling is so good" to which she replied "Good is good and bad is bad"

Sometimes she scares me......