On a good day I

On a good day I can glimmer now and then......
What is a "glimmer"? Less than a notion or a guess, it is closer to an "evanescent intuition," to an "obscure intimation." Let us say that it exists–derives from and goes back to–in a different realm: that of "Flicker/Flutter." Observe it then as real or imagined in the dynamics of time itself: Not Yet…Not Quite…No Longer. Join the "not yet" with the elusive, but sturdy AS IF, and we may have a bridge between Appearance & Reality. So our "glimmering" shuttles between the realms of the tangible/visible/expressible–and the intangible/invisible/inexpressible. The particular glimmer then hovers on the edge of perceiving, sensing, knowing. Peripheral to vision, we may on occasion: "dream it into being." But its basic nature is to be most often irretrievable.

from The Book of Glimmers at about the word via riley dog