Couldn't agree more! Complexity theory

Couldn't agree more!
Complexity theory is the symptom, not a cause. Complexity theory is coming out of all the sciences and all the arts. We’re seeing that the world is structured in a formational view. It’s a view where biology displaces physics, where Darwin displaces Newton, where the computer displaces pencil-and-paper analysis. There are many movements here, but we’re coming into an organic view. Once we’re in an organic view, then the separations we made – subject/object, problem/solution, and so on – don’t make sense anymore.

When you do away with those distinctions, you’re in a completely different set of problems for management. The odd thing is that the more complicated and developed that technology gets, the less mechanistic it becomes, and the more organic. This is true of everything. The Internet is essentially very organic. It builds from what’s laid down already. It’s not easily describable. It’s not very homogenous, and it tends to reach out and just unfold.

from an excellent interview with economist W. Brian Arthur