Isn't everything a conversation? I

Isn't everything a conversation?
I remember the first time I really got into live chat on the internet. I struck up a "conversation" with someone who I knew I would never meet, living on the other side of the planet, with no concievable connection between us other than the fact that we were both sitting at computer keyboards connected to the internet.

Once we had got through the a/s/l pleasantries it quickly became clear that this woman was going through a rough time in her marriage. I started asking some genuinely interested questions and getting more and more full answers. As this process continued I realised that I was in effect counselling my "friend", the paragraphs of writing appearing on the screen from her got longer and more powerful as time passed by. By being willing to listen, being non judgemental and caring, I was helping her sort out her problems. I remember thinking at the time that it was a bit like talking to yourself but better.

Sure "markets are conversations" but then isn't everything? Don't we define ourselves in relation to the conversations we hear around us when we are young, the conversations we have with others as we grow and become more independant and even the conversations we have with ourselves as we constantly chatter in our own heads. It is surely through these constant dialogues (even the monologues are dialogues) that we prove we exist and what that existence means.

Isn't this what is so wonderful about the internet - its power to connect us across physical or cultural barriers in such an intimate way that it feels like talking to ourselves but better!