This brought back memories....or didn't....

This brought back memories....or didn't....

My memory is bad and getting worse.

This morning I tried to count how many women I’ve slept with. The number I arrived at was three less than the last time I did this, which was several years ago, I think.

Instead of going down by three, the number should have gone up by one, so that’s actually four missing women.

It’s disturbing.

I should say that the total number is not so high as to excuse oversights.

Also, I’ve never been one for casual sex — causal kissing, perhaps, but not casual sex. So again it would seem that the MIAs are probably all women who at one time I really liked and may have even gone out for a few weeks before realizing it wouldn’t work, or vice versa.

It bothers me to have forgotten them. And what it makes me think is that I should write down the names of the ones I do remember, in case I forget them as well.

This seem tacky, doesn’t it, to make such a list?

I think it seems tacky.

But then I picture myself at ninety and I can’t remember a single woman I’ve ever slept with, not even what’s-her-name, the contortionist.

I’m ninety and I think I’m a virgin.

Fuck it, I’m making that list.

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