Walking the talk Dave Weinberger,

Walking the talk
Dave Weinberger, Mike Sanders and others have been doing some fine blogging recently on voice and authenticity both in individuals and organisations. I've tended to steer away from metablogging but on this occasion I can't resist!

To me we are each constructing our realities as we walk our talk, or in this case blog. Choosing from the many paths available to us in each microsecond, weaving the fabric of our lives from threads selected from the quantum soup of energy swirling like a fog around us.

To help us through this formless soup we grab hold of paths left behind by others - or even ourselves the last time we passed this way. It gets tiring always having to break out from the experience of others or to reassess our own thoughts and go a different way. Rather than bushwhacking through undergrowth we prefer to take the familiar path we know or the well worn track used by others and are reassured by the fact that others have taken the same path.

However the risk is that our motivation is not to find our own voice and contribute freely to the multiple threads of life but to feel safe in the comfort of the pack, reassured by the external validation of all those other hikers who've taken the same route before.

Isn't this what sometimes happens in organisations too? The bigger they get the more they tend to attract people who prefer the safety of following familar, well worn tracks to the hard work of beating a new trail. They all start out with an individual or small group finding a new way and setting out with enthusiasm and conviction but then over time that path gets muddier and muddier with all the feet. Then someone decides to metal the path, then widen it, then we end up with multi-lane highways with us all sitting getting cross at the same traffic light each morning.....

Beware tools like Blogdex, Daypop and even the humble blogrolling list. They are the first steps to that multi-lane highway!