Does matter matter? While watching

Does matter matter?
While watching a TV documentary on the collapse of the twin towers I was amazed again at how the planes appeared to atomize on impact. Particularly the second one which appears to go into the building as solid matter and leaves the other side as no more than a streak of flame across the blue sky.

I found myself thinking that there wasn't enough left of those poor people on the plane to be dead. In an instant, the same matter had gone from being in human form and considered alive, to being in the form of pure energy and being dead. It somehow doesn't seem as straight forward a transition as when a body, a dead body, exists to be dead.

Mike Sanders is exploring the same territory and writes...

So we could see that the real you is not your body or brain, but the information contained in your brain - your memories, personality traits and thought patterns.

When a person dies, the body and brain cease to function but what happens to the real you - the human personality. When a computer is destroyed the information is destroyed. Does the same thing happen when man dies?

If we understand the universe's Creator as omniscient, knowing all and not forgetting then we can see how the information comprising the human personality can continue to exist, at least in the Creator's memory.

According to some mystical traditions, the spiritual world is a realm whose substance is information. It is an arena where information can interact without being attached to or dependent on matter.

This gives us a simplified explanation of how a person's soul consisting of their memories, personality traits and thought patterns could continue after death.