Twists and turns Tonight I

Twists and turns
Tonight I watched my daughter clamber up onto the top of a bookcase,
duck round a shelf and stretch up onto the top pf a dresser to get the
book we were going to read in bed. I was amazed at her flexibility and
balance .... and I was jealous.

Many years ago no I had a big operation which left the major muscles
down the right side of my back cut horizontally. I never got any post-op
physio and as a result have ended up with a very stiff and slightly out
of shape right side. I can barely remember what it is like to move with
the ease with which my daughter moves, not even thinking about what you
are doing, everything working smoothly and easily.

We all become rigid and more inflexible with age and its not just our
bodies. I have learned all sorts of rigidness in attitude, in
expectations. I've built up patterns of pain which limit my intellectual
and spiritual movement just as much as my side limits my physical

Some time ago I had the most amazing sports massage in San Diego which
really for the first time freed up all those knotted muscles and let me
move freely in a way that I hadn't for years. I found it a very
emotional experience and had to fight back the tears. It was like
suddenly remembering what it was like to be free and flexible and agile.

I was crying more for my mind than my body.