To label or not to

To label or not to label
Loren over at In A Dark Time writes:

I would like to add another suggestion, one that I’ve yet to implement on my own site, of course, but that I will shortly, and that is that we should each set up a link page that offers short descriptions, and perhaps recommendations, to the sites that we link to.

I understand what he's getting at and in fact was just saying to a colleague that stuff without context or movement is just stuff. However, as I thought about writing comments on each of the blogs in my list, I found myself thinking "Who am I to pigeon hole other people?". For me the "meaning" of a blog comes out through the rich tapestry of its content filtered by the perceptions of the reader.

I have trouble with the whole issue of classification and labelling as in most circumstances it ends up being as limiting and confusing as it is helpful. What makes a sensible label to someone one day may seem daft the next and my labels may hold no meaning at all for others.

But can we think without labels?