Vibrating planet? When I was

Vibrating planet?
When I was a musician, both in classical groups at school and University and then later in club bands, we would, very rarely, lift into another gear. We would be, as athletes tend to call it, in the flow and everything would seem clearer, more connected and more meaningful. Invariably other members of the band would share the feeling and comment on it after the concert. We all knew when we had tapped into something special.

While climbing mountains with friends, sometimes in cold, dangerous situations but again in the presence of beauty I felt the same feelings of connectedness and shared meaning - this time with the planet. I would be immersed in the environment and caught up in the rhythms of the landscape and the weather.

The web for me is the same. A lot of the time it is enervating, full of idle chatter and people mouthing off on meaningless topics. But then there are times, when blogging mostly, when I feel in the flow again. The sense of connectedness and meaning is strong. By finding my voice and being part of the landscape of ideas and conversations I feel like I am contributing in a small way to the energy which makes the planet vibrate.