Great interview about a great

Great interview about a great book.....
Marek interviewing David Weinberger about his new book Small Pieces Loosely Joined elicits this response.

But, yes, it is idealistic, hippy talk. Really and truly. That's why the last chapter is called "Hope." We *are* escaping to the Web. "Escaping" is the right word. And we're not just escaping assholes (although we're doing that too). We are definitely escaping reality. We are leaving behind some inherent limitations of the real world, such as distance, and, more important, we are leaving behind some non-inherent, oppressive ideas we've let obscure the lovely, light-filled, pine-scented clearing of the world. We are escaping the manly realism that we've confused with what's real. We are leaving behind the notion that we don't care. That we're impassive machines. That our intelligence is best when it calculates. That individualism is a virtue rather than a sentence. That we are above passion and stupidity and embarrassment. We are escaping into the remembrance of what's most true about the real world: we are our connections and our connectedness is nothing but another name for passion.

Cracking stuff!