Pretty much how I remember

Pretty much how I remember it
It sounds little and hollow, but people can tell--that's part of the Cluetrain affirmation, and I'm on board with that. Not that no one can fake integrity, but that corporate-speak and ad-speak don't even begin to try, and in church circles growth-speak and (what to call it?) goopy-pious-speak don't communicate integrity either. On Easter Margaret thanked me for saying mass as though it meant something; isn't it odd and sad that she should notice? Wouldn't one think that leading worship would more or less intrinsically go along with communicating that it makes a difference? Yet in plenty of churches, the predominant messages that leaders convey are "Are you as bored as I am? Don't worry--there're only a few minutes left till it's over," and "We'll tell you anything to entice you to stay here, even that we don't really mean these things we're saying," and "These syllables sound holier if we drone them or mumble them or drag them out so long that you forget what words we're saying."

from AKMA