I'm still alive - despite

I'm still alive - despite being 42!
As a present for my 42nd birthday today my wife looked after the kids while I went off on my own and climbed a hill in Wales. I chose Foel Fras, the only one of the fiteen three thousand foot hills which I hadn't climbed, as it was the first time I've been up a mountain in a year and a half it was a pretty easy climb! I had been keeping it for some time in the future when I hoped to do all of the 3000ft'ers in one go but as that is looking less and less likely I thought I do it on its own.

It was a great day for hill walking with sunshine interspersed with squally showers - I love watching the weather form and reform around me as I walk. It was a bit cold and damp on the top so I didn't hang around but on the way down I stopped in a stone circle for a snooze. By the time I woke up the cloud had come down, the wind got up and the visibility dropped to few feet. Great fun. I got my waterproof gear on and enjoyed the adventure of navigating off the hill in poor visibility.

I was amazed at how well I coped physically as it is so rare for me to get to the mountains these days but yes, here I am, alive to tell the tale!