Jeneane Sessum interview on Radio

Jeneane Sessum interview on Radio Sandhill Trek

First on blogging and women bloggers:

And so we come to weblogging. Here is where everything converges-poetry, music, humanity, worlds, prose, journalism, literature, philosophy. Blogging is everything we want it to be. It is definitely my current medium of choice, and my writing within my blog takes many forms: poetry, prose, journalistic reporting, comedy, and more. That’s what pleases me about blogging. It is authentic and real, it is voice straight up, it is me unchained.

As a woman, especially, the net and blogging have opened up new worlds, new galaxies. The net levels the playing field for us. Women’s and men’s voices are on equal footing here, sans politics, sans pay. We are doing it for joy and fulfillment, because we have something powerful to say. And because women are generally adept at shaping and freeing words and thoughts, blogging gives us a way to soar.


Through reading one another's blogs, we know so many of each other's faults and dreams; we've seen the closet doors open, and we've watched the skeletons come tumbling out. No hiding. "Here I am." and "There you are."

Let's talk.

THEN the most fascinating thing happens--it feeds back into your blogging and your writing. Everything you're learning from these souls you connect with begins to inform you, your thinking. Your being. It feeds back into your blog, your job, your family, your relationships within the realworld. The spark-to-flame ratio is staggering.

then on Christopher Locke

Yes, I think Chris Locke is a genius. He's also a real person, brave, willing to live in public, show us how he loves, how he cares, how far the knife has to go in before he bleeds. Sometimes it's so lovely, and sometimes it's so excruciating, and the only thing we can do for each other, as some of the two million bloggers-now-friends dotting this planet, is to be there, wrap our minds and hearts around problems and joys together, and from that, grow.