Timely thoughts I'm not sure

Timely thoughts
I'm not sure exactly why but I've been thinking a lot about mortality these past few days. I have become very conscious that this is not a rehearsal and that we only get one crack at life. I have found myself thinking of all of the other lives that I won't get to live - observing people following vastly different paths from my own which I will never get to follow. I have also been thinking about my tendency not to try 100% at things as if I will always get another chance - well I'm realising that I won't. I'm not really getting morbid but I am scaring myself into taking each day more seriously, thinking harder about what I do with my precious time, making more effort to make the most of it.

Marek's obviously been feeling the same way judging by his recent post:

Get fucking busy derailing the predictability of your fucking life. Go... Go and don't look back. Don't stop. Go live your life out loud. Out loud my friend. Live it. Live the fucking every second of it. It's all yours baby. It's all yours NOW and available. The whole juiciness of it all. Do you feel the juices flowing. Yes, this is your life. Succulent, Ready, Fucking Awesome.