First of many I just

First of many
I just found the following site via the very excellent collaborative filtering tool - brace yourselves for loads more where this came from!

The foundation beliefs of Buddhism are the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. These were taught by the Buddha (a word which means The Enlightened One) about 2500 years ago. They are essentially the same through every sect and tradition of Buddhism. They are:

All life knows suffering. Nobody gets what they want out of life.
The cause of suffering is ignorance and clinging.
Wanting it is the problem.
There is a way to end suffering. By learning not to want it.
This is the way to end suffering: The Eightfold Path.

    1. Right Understanding
    Learning the nature of reality and the truth about life.
    2. Right Aspiration
    Making the commitment to living in such a way that our suffering can end.
    3. Right Effort
    Just Do It. No Excuses.
    4. Right Speech
    Speaking the truth in a helpful and compassionate way.
    5. Right Conduct
    Living a life consistent with our values.
    6. Right Livelihood
    Earning a living in a way that doesn't hurt others.
    7. Right Mindfulness
    Recognizing the value of the moment; living where we are.
    8. Right Concentration
    Expanding our consciousness through meditation.

from Sasana