The crime of not caring.

The crime of not caring.

A number of things in my life feel "wrong" at the moment because I haven't cared enough about them or for them.

I haven't cared enough what happens to my body - I drink too much, don't take enough exercise, don't get enough sleep.

I don't care enough about work - I don't have the impact I could, don't take enough interest in those around me, I don't pay enough attention to detail.

I don't care enough about those I love - I get grumpy, I focus on myself, I don't look after the things I should, I take my good fortune for granted.

Not caring is an excuse. I am scared of caring. I am scared of the immensity of life and what it means. I am scared of things meaning so much because you only get one shot at them.

Do I care about this ....... ?

More than I can express in mere words.