Winner takes all.

Winner takes all
It was my daughter's sports day on Saturday. It was great fun and pretty idyllic. The sports field is behind the village school and looks out over rolling filelds and woods. The school looks onto the village green where the cricket team was playing and my wife and I were getting pretty smug about how perfect it all was.


I then got to thinking about competition and winning and losing. I know its a bit seventies wishy washy liberal but I did worry about the kids who were always coming last in the races and the lessons they were learning about themselves so early on.

As the sports day was drawing to a close two rough looking youngsters "gatecrashed" the event and started playing with the other kids. They had lank unwashed hair and were wearing adult clothes which were way too big for them and hung loosely on them. I learned that they belonged to an alcoholic father who lived in the village. The mother had left and the kids were pretty much left to fend for themselves. They seemed nice kids keen to get along with the other children and I felt so sorry for them as they desparately tried to fit in with things so heavily stacked against them.

Where we live has lots of very smart, very expensive houses with very wealthy people living in them. If we were to get drawn in to envying some of them we would end up being dissatisfied with our lot and spoiling our enjoyment of the lovely lifestyle we have.There is no guarantee that the wealthy people round us are happy and there is nothing to say that the kids I saw won't become successful in spite of their challenging start.