A cracking start on the

A cracking start on the topic of stopping

Someone I know has just started a weblog and in her first post pulls no punches:

I was watching the programme on Death on Channel 4 last evening. It is pretty pertinant as my mother is currently in hospital with an adverse reaction to chemotherapy which almost killed her last week. She has been on her own for 5 years now since my father died and refuses to move closer than the 150 miles away that she lives. She has known for 3 years that she has a secondary cancer and is often complaining that now she is ill she has little to live for. Yet, having been told the cancer has spread to her liver she has opted for chemo - which is making her even more unwell. I draw a parallel with the elderly lady on the programme last evening. They both profess to believe in God and the afterlife and yet they seem to be prepared to do anything to put off meeting their God. Even the commentator questioned this last night. What surprised me is that the young woman who was an atheist was the one who had least problem with accepting death and trading quality of life with her little girl and husband rather than go through chemo for a few months more. Is it the older that people get the less certain they get of their religion? Is that why the suicide bombers tend to be young people?

from Cetecean Blog