Here's the scary part ....

........ for leaders who have forgotten how to talk like human beings, who are so used to being in charge that they think they are above the fray of human interest and human passion: as we get used to more humane and egalitarian conversations on the Web, we never want to go back to those leaders and companies who only know how to talk down to us.

So, what lessons do we learn about leadership on the Web? That the people we pay attention to are the ones who speak not at us and not to us but with us. We listen to them carefully because they are so interesting, so wise, and even so funny. We learn that leadership isn't a quality that necessarily spreads across all areas and topics: the person who is worth listening to about, say, technology may be just another jerk when it comes to raising children. And we learn the lesson that is most troubling to marketers, businesses and real-world leaders of all sorts: We learn that we, talking together, are smarter, wiser, and more interesting than any single leader could ever hope to be.