Push back

Jon Husband reacts to a Guardian article on Why Blogs Are Bad For Business

From the vantage point of the present, looking at the past, I'll bet that the monarchs and clergy who ruled the dominant organizations when the printing press was invented probably also warned about the dangers of distributing information more widely than had been the normal practice. In the lexicon of innovation diffusion, those people - and probably the naysayers of today - are known as "renunciate curmudgeons", people who actively resist ongoing change either because:

* they don't understand how other possibilities might work, or
* because they are scared of losing their position, status and effectiveness by not being able to respond to the change.

For my money, blogs and wikis, the approaching digital generations, and acknowledgement that we live and work in a much more transparent, open and continually evolving society of markets make it a real probability that a paradigm shift will need to occur. Whether it is easy from here on out, or not, is another matter.