World Of Friends

.... that I am very, very lucky.

Through this blog I have got to know and meet some wonderful people. Doc Searls, David Weinberger, Chris Locke, Gary Turner, Peter Kaminski, Marc Canter, and many, many more .

Those who criticize the web for replacing face to face or normal conversation have no idea. I have got to meet all of these people in the flesh and have had immediate rapport with them as a result of our shared experiences through blogging. We have "hit the ground running" and have bypassed so much of the randomness of so many of our "normal" relationships

Over the past year or so Jon Husband and I have swapped blog posts, comments and e-mails and have clearly got a lot in common with many shared ideals and aspirations. I have just had a phone call with Jon from Vancouver and it was such a pleasure to hear his gentle Canadian accent and feel that, again, we had "hit the ground running". It felt more like a conversation with an old and dear friend than a conversation with someone I have never "met" before.

If nothing else gives me a sense of optimism about the web and the future of mankind it is this. The ability to establish relationships and get close to people unconstrained by geography or twists of fate, to select from the myriad of voices in the blogging world those who we most resonate with and want to relate to and to be able to do so in such a powerful and meaningful way.