What might have been ....

Of HyperCard, the Web, Missed Opportunities, and Revolution

In an intriguing and far-reaching interview on CNET, former Apple CEO John Sculley says that the biggest opportunity Apple Computer missed on his watch was HyperCard.

Boy, is he right about that. In fact, he says in this interview, "We weren't insightful enough to recognize that what we had inside of Hypercard, essentially, was everything that later was developed so successfully y Tim Berners-Lee with HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)."

I had at least two conversations with ranking Apple officials in the early 1990's in which they and I clearly saw this opportunity and shared our frustration over Apple's blindness. I've said many times since in private conversations and email that if Apple had seen what it had and stuck a TCP/IP stack behind HyperCard, it would have been the Web.

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