Givin' it all away

On the other hand, mental and spiritual goods do not belong to one man to the exclusion of another. If one man knows a science, that does not prevent others from knowing it; on the contrary, it helps them to acquire the knowledge. If one man is a great artist or poet, that does not prevent others from painting pictures or writing poems, but helps to create the atmosphere in which such things are possible. If one man is full of good-will toward others, that does not mean that there is less good-will to be shared among the rest; the more good-will one man has, the more he is likely to create among others. In such matters there is no "possession", because there is not a definite amount to be shared; any increase anywhere tends to produce an increase everywhere.

Political Ideals by Bertrand Russell found thanks to a post by Tim Stafford-Taylor to a Ryze thread on complexity.