Damn ....

I'm not ready ....

I have seen ten years of young men who rush out into the world with their messages, and when they find how deaf the world is, they think they must save their strength and wait. They believe that after a while they will be able to get up on some little eminence from which they can make themselves heard.

'In a few years,' reasons one of them, 'I shall have gained a standing, and then I will use my powers for good.'

Next year comes and with it a strange discovery. The man has lost his horizon of thought. His ambition has evaporated; he has nothing to say.

I give you this one rule of conduct. Do what you will, but speak out always.

Be shunned, be hated, be ridiculed, be scared, be in doubt, but don't be gagged.

The time of trial is always. Now is the appointed time.

- John Jay Chapman's Commencement Address to the graduating class at Hobart College in 1900.

via Michael O'Connor Clarke via Jon Husband