What's Good For Dahlias

Coming home from work tonight I followed two middle aged, middle class ladies up the stairs into the multi story car-park.

One of them was carrying a banner mounted on a stick printed with an anti- Bush slogan.

I asked how it had gone today and she said:

"I wanted to go on the last one. I wasn't there today but these sticks are really good for my dahlias"


I wondered about the appropriateness of this post having just seen the scenes of devastation in Turkey - talking about dahlias as people are being blown apart.

But then I decided that it is ultimately and supremely appropriate.

If more of us were more intimate, more feminine, smaller, gentler, seeking our answers inside and not outside, working together to resolve issues and generally adopting a more compassionate and loving outlook ...

.... then the anger and hatred necessary for people to amass power, create weapons and carry out acts of violence and devastation would be vastly diminished if not eradicated.