Getting a grip - yet again

There's nothing like bieng ill to make you appreciate being healthy.

Having just had a cold for the past few days and hopefully now seeing the back of it I am yet again resolved to improve my fitness and general level of health.

I tend to be boom and bust about these things. A lot of the time I eat and drink way too much and get far too little exercise. I'll then feel that enough is enough and have a period of lots of walking, eating the right things and not drinking at all.

Trouble is I am not getting any younger and I worry more about the cumulative effect of my abuses over the years.

I sometimes feel as if I am not going to make it to a grand old age. After passing 40, although I didn't anticipate that being a major event, I have almost felt as if my life is over already. Even if I am lucky enough to be half way the second half is sure to go a lot faster than the first.

I do want to be there to cuddle my girls forever and to climb all those hills I haven't been up yet ...

Wish me luck!