Keeping up appearances?

Just as I was feeling that maintaining an optimistic slant to "The Obvious?" isn't always easy and that sometimes I feel like having a bloody good winge Andy posts the following:

Deliberately being unequivocally positive though can mean we feel guilt about having negative thoughts and feelings and so hide them, even to the extent of becoming ashamed of them, especially if we see no evidence for others feeling that way. Yet negative feelings are just as much part of our being as positive ones; there’s no need to pretend always to be smiling.

Actually my reason for trying to give The Obvious? a positive outlook is not so much that I am trying to hide any negative feelings from myself or from those who read me as trying to counter the overwhelmingly negative tone of so much of what we read, hear and see in the media. I remember clearly, when I started writing my blog, feeling that I wanted to do my bit to make the internet the sort of place I would want my kids to grow up in.