A State of Grace

Elizabeth Lane Lawley asks that each blogger list all of the things for which they are grateful for and trackback to her original post as a point of collation. Great Idea. I always try to keep The Obvious? focussed on the positive aspects of life, hopefully, as an antidote to all of the negativity that surrounds us.

Here is my list:

A wonderful wife who sticks with me through thick and thin and is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Two beautiful daughters who give me more joy than anything else in the world.

My health, although I do abuse it terribly.

A home in a perfect part of the world, surrounded by beautiful countryside and great pubs!

A good job with a good boss in a great organisation and the freedom to be creative and follow my instincts.

Good friends, both online and off.
(Sadly it took one of the best of them, Jon Husband, to point out that I had missed friends off the original list!)

Enough money to eat good food, travel and own a computer.

A pulse.