Doc at the weekends is better than most of us during the week

The roots of syndic go back through Old French (sindiz) and Late Latin (sindicus) to Greek (sundikos). Sundikos was a public advocate.

Makes me wonder... are news aggregators "syndics?" (Alas, Syndic.comis taken by the firm Demers Beaulne Lachance Inc., a Membre de l'association canadienne des professionnels de l'insolvabilité et de la réorganisation.)

Meanwhile, it seems to me that notification is the key function provided by online syndication. And that's the revolutionary thing. Publishing alone carries assumptions framed by the permanance of all the media that predated the Web in the world. Hence the sense of done-ness to the result. The finished work goes up, or out, and that's it.

But the Web isn't just writable. It's re-writable. I'm writing this live on the Web, and I'll probably re-write parts of it two or three more times.

Doc Searls