Time to take responsibility

There is an answer, but it's not an easy one. We need first to understand that the way we choose to live as individuals is a reflection of our self-respect, and that personal integrity is all about taking personal responsibility for our future, our actions, our decisions, the way we live and, to the extent we can, for the whole world in which we live. It is all about notleaving this up to god, or the fates, or the government, not 'buying off' that responsibility with whatever money or power we might have, and notblaming others in order to shrug off that responsibility. We are each one-six-billionth responsible for every baby born addicted to crack, for every child working in slave labour, for every woman stoned to death for infidelity, for every man dying of AIDS, for every political prisoner's torture, for every animal who lives in perpetual agony until he is butchered for food, for every asthma death caused by industrial pollution. It's time foreach of us to take that responsibility.

How To Save The World