An oversight on my part

I have just realised I hadn't added the excellent Older and growing .... to my blogrolling list from which the following is a taster:

A moment of whimsy...

I was idly gazing out of the office window when my eye was caught by the sight of two white butterflies dancing together in the urban chasm formed by the office blocks either side of the busy dual carriageway of the Euston Road.

For a few moments my spirit danced with them; my desk, PC, office and the traffic outside temporarily fading into the background as my focus joined theirs in a column of space high above the road, until they rose out of sight.

I thought what a sterile environment for the spirit a city can be - or appears to be. Occasionally though, like just now, something breaks through into awareness and entices a response out of that part of me which I call soul.

I said the city appears to be sterile, but I know it isn't completely so - if my spirit was but awake enough to look I'd find other sources of sustenance hidden in unlikely corners.

Right soul, back in your box - time for more of the W-thing.

[Later... I think I may have been mistaken, in that it is the workplace, not the city, that is the sterile environment. Hence also perhaps my reference to work as the W-thing]