A master story teller

I sometimes pinch myself when I think that my humble blog is linkled to by people with the writing skill and intellectual agility of The Happy Tutor

Do - please - find the time to read the story of which the following is the intro:

I am going to tell a story, a surmise. I have no inside info. So the story will be fictional, but will point, I hope, to certain issues that Peter and I are both trying, sometimes more successfully than others, to address as a matter of personal moral torment and public responsibility. It has, Liz et. al., to do with silences, safe places, positions of wealth and power, responsibility, doors shutting, walls, being most comfortable around your own kind, erasure, and the erasure of the gesture of erasure, leaving an unblemished polite, though largely faux, surface that we call authenticity, when the role swallows the person whole, like Jonah in the Whale.