Getting the juices flowing

This my favourite season for cookery, lots of fruit and vegetable in season and the darker evenings give you an excuse to eat more. Summer is too much like assembly with the odd weather dependent barbeque for variety. Autumn gives you the excuse to spend the afternoon in the kitchen quietly chopping and letting things bubble and reduce. So bring on the daubes and the stews, the tarts and the pies, warm satisfying cookery to spend some time over and enjoy.

from Gavin at take one onion

I love the phrase "Summer is too much like assembly". I have been missing cooking over the summer months and frustrated at the feeling of throwing salads together. Before I got into walking and cooking winters were just a grey, dark tunnel that I hoped would pass as quickly as possible. Nowadays I get a feeling of excitement as Autumn approaches - I can't wait to chop wood for those roaring fires!