I'm a convert

to Leonard Cohen thanks to Jon Husband. It's Cohen's birthday today and as usual Mark Wood does a fabulous job of celebrating the occasion.

One of the links he points to is Near Sex & Death with Leonard Cohen from which the following is taken:

I've been playing his Ten New Songs these dark wild evenings as I drive out to the prison to visit my husband, singing right along: "For the millions in the prison/that wealth has set apart/For the Christ who has not risen/from the caverns of the heart." After a week, I know most of the words to every song on this new release. Release? In more ways than one. Unlike Leonard, I don't have much of a secret life these days, but listening to him sing about turning tricks and getting fixed, back on Boogie Street, reminds me of the possibilities.

"And maybe I had miles to drive/and promises to keep/You ditch it all to stay alive/a thousand kisses deep." Just the way the word "kisses" lingers on his lips: I can't say it makes me blush but I definitely feel...less alone.