Out there

We believe everything is out there.
We often act as if we understand everything. This is very egoistic. When we see the world only in terms of ourselves, we lack a broad perspective.
We think that all is as we see it. We are unaware of our ignorance. We want to have an idea we can hold on to. We want to know.
The real world consists of both a conceptual world and a nonconceptual world. But we ignore the world we cannot get in our hands. When you cannot understand it, you reject it. But reality is not just the reality you understand. Even before you create any ideas or concepts about it, it is already present. It consists of the merging of what can be thought of and what cannot be thought of. Words cannot touch it.
This place, where nothing can be pinned down, is where we actually live moment to moment. If you think you can understand your life with just your ideas, you are ignoring where and how you actually exist.
All things - good and bad, right and wrong - are manifestations of the real world. You cannot understand the world just in terms of your own views. You must open to what you don't understand as well as what you do understand.

- Dainin Katagiri via whiskeyriver