Flying the Canadian flag

Jon Husband points to an interesting comparison between Canada and America:

..... if we are the rugged individualists, why do we spend so much
of our time trying to get everyone to march in lockstep? And if
Canadians are so reserved and moderate, why are they so progressive about
letting people do what they want to?

Canadians are, as a nation, less religious than we are, according
to polls. As a result, Canada's government isn't influenced by
large, well-organized religious groups and thus has more in common with
those of Scandinavia than those of the United States, or, say,

Canada signed the Kyoto global warming treaty, lets 19-year-olds
drink, has more of its population living in urban areas and
accepts more immigrants per capita than the United States.

These are all things we've been told will wreck our society. But I
guess Canadians are different, because theirs seems oddly sound.

from The Post Gazette