... one magic *POOF*....

The Power and Majesty of God Almighty

...and His subtlety. They will only allow God the minuscule, infant universe described by the writers of Genesis (or Moses, if you prefer). They can't stand it that God has been working on this version of the universe for something like 14 billion years, and His workshop is so inconceivably huge that it seems ridiculously presumptuous to imagine the Earth and its dominant species to be the center of God's attention. They won't allow Him to work His miracles of life patiently, subtly, using the gradual, majestic power of evolution. My hypothesis is that creationists, having short attention spans themselves, just can't allow God three billion years of patience and attention to Earthly life. Instead, all they'll allow Him is one magic *POOF*, all-in-one creation, barely 6,000 years ago. (This attention-deficit difficulty may have something to do with the fact that hardly any of them have actually read the whole Bible .)

from Things Creationists Hate via linkmachinego