Raphaelesque porticos and the Texas Two-step

The fact that any social software would have to create a virtual agora, and the fact that there is no mode of writing more temporally shaped than blogs, I take as hints that we need to move away from visions of stone colonnades and Raphaelesque porticos.

"Assembly" now carries ominous overtones of Chinese maquiladoras. Besides, it's a matter of tempo and advance estimates: Do we really think the people will be gulled if our televisions suddenly flash on Bush, admirably decked out in Manly Astronaut Outerwear, landing on the Moon and attempting a Texas Two-Step before seizing the oil rights to the Universe? Brought to us by Rupert Murdock?

The fact that the media are the means of spectacle does not mean those watching it are fools. More than a public space, we might consider blogs as playing a key role in an always-on Electronic Market of Rhetorical Confidence.


What is this, in brief? It's a model of democracy emerging not in speaking,
but in and as reading; of knowledges residing not in some public space, but
in evanescent moments of time; of consciousness unfolding not in tedious
media-literal chronological order, but often occuring before the "event"
actually takes place; in place of the tedious mode of assembly, a more
pyrotechnic mode that disassembles The Spectacle.

nice to see Tom Matrullo is back and on form.