On fame and fortune

Last night U2 played live on Top Of The Pops. There was a sound stage in the car park in front of work and probably around 2000 people all around, on balconies, in the street. I was hanging around at the back talking on my mobile when I realised that The Edge was being interviewd next to me and Larry Mullen the bass player was, like me, leaning against a stone column chatting to someone on his mobile.

I found myself thinking back to my own days playing in a band when I still held dillusions of grandeur - the thought that I might one day become insanely wealthy and famous - like U2.

But I wasn't jealous. I wouldn't swap. The thought of having to keep doing the same thing over and over again whether I felt like it or not. The need to deal with fame and the challenge of being recognized. No - I don't envy them those things.