Walking side by side?

Having joined BlogExplosion yesterday and having spent more time surfing other than I have for a long time I am very glad I did. There are a lot of sites which are really interesting and really well done, a lot that are mundane and a small number that are really disturbing.

Although many of us look on in amazement as Americans appear to take George Bush seriously and we struggle to understand American media's myopic view of the world it still comes as a shocking jolt to read some of the right wing blogs that are out there.

I have often thought that the internet represents evolution on steroids and that both the life enhancing and life destroying aspects of human nature are exaggerated by the speed and number of connections that it affords.

While it is, to me, deeply upsetting to read some of the paranoid and intolerant views of people living in the most powerful and wealthy nation on earth I try to remain positive by telling myself that it is better to know that those views exist and to be able to engage with them and hopefully walk along side them as we work out a better way of being in the world.