Being spiritual is hard work

Being religious is not the same a being 'spiritual'. I consider spiritual people to be the people who have realised we are all the same. Christians always say we are 'God's people', but never act like that. Hypocrisy.

Being 'spiritual' is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work. It means trying constantly to see yourself in everyone else. It means treating others as you expect to be treated. It means standing up for the weak and chastising the powerful when they misuse their power.

Being spiritual means looking after the world in the way my mother raised me - to be there for anyone whenever they need help, but to let them make their own choices and to learn from their own mistakes.

Being spiritual is not not wasting your life trying to make sense of a nonsensical and at times downright nasty book and hating everyone else who doesn't live by your rules.

You get what you give, you reap what you sow... if you send hate out into the world that is what you will get back. If only allow yourself to see the things you hate, you will see the world as a horrible, hateful place.

from an excellent long post on gia's blog .