Do you wear pyjamas?

homage to readers

welcome, precious reader, without you we can't go on:
you give us audience to think out loud, like plato's throng.

you read to reassure yourself what you believe is true,
your frames and mental models won't accept a different view,
and so you've self-selected to be part of pollard's 'crowd'
who dare to pose the truths that others will not say aloud.
and you indulge my clumsy prose with its despairing themes:
together, we're community, collaborating memes --
or maybe not -- we're not so joined, don't know each other well,
we grope with awkward language and the stories that we tell.

my blog's a raven's croaking in the darkness 'fore the dawn
and when i hear your hoarse reply my heart is filled with song,
your answer says "we're not alone, there's hope, we're strong, we know
together there's a better way to live, let's make it so:
resistance isn't futile, trust your instincts, fly with me --
the world's a prison, yes, but there's still time to set us free,
our 'civilized' behaviour's an illusion, don't you see?
our prison's locks are self-imposed, and nature holds the key!"

but wait -- i think i'm losing you, you start to turn away,
i've gone too far, presumed too much, oh, no, won't you please stay?
i've oversimplified my case, it's really more complex --
the average reader of a blog stays only ninety secs:
the time it takes a bee to pollinate a rose and flee,
the time it takes to break a writer's heart "oh, woe is me".

'cause reading is much harder work than writing, i'd maintain,
so here's to you, dear reader, please do buzz my way again.

from a post on How to Save the World which you will have to read if you want to understand the reference to pyjamas!.