Not so easy EasyCar

On our recent trip to Aviemore, which some of you may remember occassioned a grumpy e-mail to the hotel we were staying in, we also experienced a less than ideal hire car booking.

A couple of weeks ago I sent them the following e-mail:

When booking my car online I was asked to select from a list of British airports. This gave me the false impression that my car would be available at the airport. I eventually had to ask one of the other car hire firms where your base was and they said they thought [another company] dealt with your bookings.

When I tried to call you from the airport I discovered that there was no contact number on my confirmation e-mail thus invoking a number of calls to directory enquiries as they tried to get me the right number. I then called your support number from the airport (at 60ppm no less) only to get hold of someone who had never heard of Inverness never mind knowing the pick up arrangements, who eventually told me I had to get myself, my wife, and our luggage to Inverness. I then had to pay an £11 taxi fare to Inverness on the way there and an £8 drop off fee on my way back.

OK so your booking confirmation said that the car was being provided by [another company] and gave an Inverness address but this did not make clear enough that the car would not be at the airport. If I had know this in advance I would have hired from another company and, unless you make a sincere effort to recover this situation, I can assure you I will certainly do so from now on.

Half a dozen or so automated responses and glib fobbing off statements later I have given up.

I am as quick to praise good service as I am slow to find fault but what really gets me is when large corporates lose me, and the desire to serve, in their unweildy, impersonal systems.

Oh well - that's the last time with EasyCar then.